Many people decide to purchase a portable power station for one or two uses only to discover a whole world of unexpected possibilities afterwards. Travelers, campers, special services of the Ministry of Emergency Situations have long used such devices as a compact backup power source.

But where else can they be claimed? We’ve put together some creative and resourceful ways to use a portable power station that might convince you to get one soon.

Emergency backup power

If you live in a residential area that is prone to frequent power outages, in a region that is especially vulnerable to storms, or if you just want peace of mind in case of emergencies, then a portable power plant is the smartest investment.

The higher the capacity of the station, the more energy you will have in reserve. With such a device, you can not only get enough energy to continuously charge your phone and laptop for tens of hours, but also successfully use it for energy-intensive household appliances:

full-sized refrigerators;

coffee makers;



electric kettles and more.

Convenience for hiking

Camping is a great opportunity to disconnect from the daily routine and relax, but few people agree to give up the comfort and convenience of modern life. The ability to always stay connected while working remotely is just one of the possibilities that portable power plants provide.

Having reliable access to electricity anywhere on Earth is a real miracle, because you do not need to return home to get full access to modern technology. In fact, with the benefits of a portable power station, you’ll probably want to extend your hike so you can spend even more time in nature.

Renewable clean energy source

The future of our planet depends on whether we abandon fossil fuels and use renewable energy sources. You can contribute to this movement (and save money!) by using solar panels to recharge your portable power station.

Either let your portable power station charge outside while idle, or charge it near you while in use for a continuous power source. With the right planning and setup, you can actually stay powered all day and also stay completely free of the fuel-burning power grid.

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