Photovoltaics is an interesting example of a technology that, according to many experts, had little prospect and developed rather slowly. However, with the advent of new technologies and pure semiconductors, this science quickly became one of the most sought after.
Converting solar energy into electricity is an example of the ideal use of renewable natural resources. Solar panels, which made this process possible, are now actively used in modern energy systems.
They can be found in private homes, on the roofs of urban high-rise buildings and even industrial facilities. Such green energy sources have become a daily occurrence and, moreover, have an increasingly strong influence on the image of modern energy.
However, we often forget that solar panels are ideal for more than just rooftops or large ground-based photovoltaic farms. Today, anyone can buy a handy emergency power kit in the form of a portable, foldable solar panel that allows you to charge your mobile phone or other gadgets away from home.
How does a solar panel work
For their work, solar panels use the so-called photovoltaic phenomenon. In simple terms, it consists in converting light radiation into electricity in the form of direct current. Then the charge obtained in this way can be stored in batteries or used on a permanent basis.
Electricity generation depends on several key factors. One of the most important is the size of the panel itself, or rather its surface – the larger it is, the more electricity one panel will generate. Efficiency is also important – photocells made of high-quality materials will be much more efficient in converting light radiation into electricity.
The key benefits of solar tourism panels are obvious:
strength and durability;
ease of use;
the ability to install at any angle;
resistance to moisture and temperature changes;
the ability to charge gadgets directly through the USB port and so on.
Modern compact solar panels are reliable devices that will ensure your energy independence in any conditions. They are compact and do not take up much space when folded.
The weight of photovoltaic panels depends mainly on their dimensions. Portable options weigh from several tens to several hundred grams, so they are often chosen as a sought-after and necessary tourist equipment.
Campers, military, emergency personnel and just ordinary users appreciate the benefits that a compact solar panel provides. This is a useful gadget in many cases with an affordable price and demanded functionality.

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