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Welstrum was founded in 2020 and initially our main focus was green energy. The use of renewable natural resources (wind and solar energy), the production of solar panels, the accumulation and storage of energy – we have achieved quite significant results in these areas.
In response to the growing consumer demand for off-grid batteries, we have developed our own solutions for the production of portable charging stations of various capacities, paired with solar folding panels.
We are a relatively new player on the market, however, we have already won our niche by promoting an individual approach to each client. In practice, this looks like the creation of portable charging stations with the parameters necessary for the customer:
the number and location of connectors;
connector type;
type of solar panel;
convenient handles and wheels for transportation;
the presence of moisture and dust protection and so on.
This made it possible to create samples of mini power plants that are unique in their appearance and technical characteristics, taking into account the needs, requests and wishes of each client.
Why green energy
Today, the issues of preserving the environment and reducing the so-called “carbon footprint” from the generation of the necessary energy at traditional power plants are becoming especially relevant. Governments in many countries are investing heavily in the design and construction of energy sources that use renewable natural resources.
The use of wind energy, sea tides, thermal sources of our planet, as well as the sun is becoming the most important direction for mankind and civilization as a whole. One of the ready-made solutions, which is environmentally friendly, autonomous and practical, is a portable charging station from our company.
Our offers
Welstrum presents compact energy systems that can generate and store electricity from solar radiation. Further, with the help of an inverter, this energy is converted into alternating current, which feeds any household appliances and electronic equipment.
These stations have excellent weather resistance (IP47 rating) and can charge electrical devices anywhere and anytime. The device is charged from folding solar panels, which are also protected from external influences (shocks, moisture, temperature changes).
Our stations are ideal for supplying electricity to various devices, ranging from PCs and laptops to LED lamps, electric kettles, TVs, mobile phones and so on.
The best part about this technology is that it works in areas where there are no sources of electricity and performs well in natural disasters. As for outdoor activities, it is designed for both convenience and practicality of activities such as camping, hiking, corporate outdoors.

Our Specialties

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To purchase equipment or dealership, write to this address : sales@welstrum.com
Our company operates in the US and Europe.